Hot New Health and Wellness Franchises Racine is Missing Out On

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RACINE, WISCONSIN--If you live in Racine, you aren't yet able to take advantage of some of the hottest new franchise businesses. If you're itching to start a new business of your own, though, these might be worth considering. They come straight from the pages of Entrepreneur. Remember that nothing here should be considered financial advice or even a recommendation to buy a franchise operation. You should always consult with a team that includes accountants and legal advisors before embarking on any new large business venture. Here's what we know about what's missing in Racine.

From a top source on franchises

According to Entrepreneur's April-May edition, even during a pandemic, franchised businesses are thriving. Even more surprising is that new franchises are leaping into the void and actually booming-- opening new locations amid the current economic uncertainty. The magazine even had this to say:

"Almost a quarter of the companies that applied [for our 2021 Franchise 500 ranking] had started franchising just within the past five years (since 2016). This means the industry is booming with new resilient ideas."

We scoured the magazine's top 100 new franchises looking for trends and missing links to explain the excitement and found that one of the top categories of new franchise openings is the health and wellness sector, which makes the boom actually less of a surprise in light of the current trend toward everything health-oriented.

Cool is really hot

Number two on Entrepreneur's list is Restore Hyper Wellness + Cryotherapy. What the? According to the company's website, services include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, IV hydration, infrared light therapy for pain, compression therapy, assisted stretching, hydra facials, micronutrient testing, infrared sauna therapy, and several cryotherapy options.

Also according to the website, the franchise was listed as the number one franchise in America by Inc. Magazine. The company's CEO and co-founder, Jim Donnelly, is quoted in Entrepreneur as saying:

"We recognize that people want to be proactive about their health and find ways to control the controllables so that they can do more with those they love."

Entrepreneur estimates costs for starting a restore franchise between $480K and $942K. There are 74 Restore franchise locations. The nearest location to Racine is in Deerfield.

Stick a needle in it

It's not like acupuncture is new. Duh! It's one of the oldest forms of medicine on the planet. What is new is putting it in the context of a franchised business. That's where Modern Acupuncture comes into play. According to the company's website, they focus on three areas: pain, stress, and beauty. While the needles are the ancient part, the modern part of the equation is the business model. Through the use of monthly plans and package deals, the company claims to have reduced the cost to less than half the national average of $80 for a single acupuncture treatment.

The franchise is listed at the number 12 position on Entrepreneur's list. Startup costs are estimated between $258K and 666K. There are currently 47 locations, none of them located in Racine. You'd have to visit Chicago to try one out.

Balance your brain

At number 83 on the magazine's list is Cereset, listed as using neuro-technology to assist with relaxation, self-improvement, and sleep. Using something they call Brain-echo technology, they claim to help the brain reset and restore its natural rhythm and balance. The company's website lists an abundance of well-documented research from sources like Wake Forest School of Medicine and the Journal of Neuroimaging, among others. The website also has an entire section on how sleep (or the lack thereof) impacts PTSD sufferers.

Entrepreneur lists the startup costs between 91K and 205K. The company currently has 31 franchised locations. There are zero located in Racine. The nearest location is in Napierville, with one coming soon to Duluth.

If you visit one of these franchise locations in another community and would like to see one come to Racine, be sure to let the franchise companies know. Reach Restore, headquartered in Austin, Texas here. Modern Accupuncture's franchise team is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and information can be found here. For Cereset franchise information reach out here.

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