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Before You Make Plans to Travel to Miami, Take This Quiz to Find Your Stay-Q

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MIAMI, FLORIDA--Ever wonder whether you are a better fit for a luxury hotel or a quaint bed and breakfast? Can you really step outside the LaQuinta box and try an Airbnb in Miami? Take this quiz to find out. There's no real science involved. We just had a little fun with things we've observed. Let us know how accurate we are.

Each answer has a point value. Add up your points and see where you fit best in the key that follows.

  1. How do you normally book your accommodations?
    1. Travel agent 5 points
    2. Online travel websites like Expedia or Travelocity 4 points
    3. Online, but on the property's own website 3 points
    4. Over the phone 4 points
    5. I don't book accommodations in advance 1 point
  2. Where do you eat when you travel?
    1. Street food 1 point
    2. I prepare my own meals 2 points
    3. I prefer restaurants with known chefs 5 points
    4. I look for familiar restaurants 3 points
    5. I read Yelp reviews and eat where locals eat 4 points
  3. How old is your luggage?
    1. 1-3 years 5 points
    2. 4-7 years 4 points
    3. 10+ years 3 points
    4. I don't own luggage 1 point
    5. Does a duffle bag count? 0 points
  4. Do you participate in any of the following activities when you travel?
    1. Hiking 1 point
    2. Snorkeling 4 points
    3. Cultural activities like museums, theater, and concerts 5 points
    4. Outlet shopping 3 points
    5. Gambling 4 points
  5. How do you usually access the Internet when you travel?
    1. Free at the hotel. 3 points
    2. I travel with my own access point or use my phone. 4 points
    3. I use public Internet in cafes or libraries. 2 points
    4. I don’t use the Internet when I travel. 5 points
  6. How many times in 2019 did you take a taxi?
    1. 0-4 1 points
    2. 5-10 2 points
    3. 11-20 3 points
    4. 20+ 4 points
    5. I take a private car, not a taxi. 5 points
  7. Which of the following websites are you most familiar with?
    1. 4 points
    2. 1 point
    3. 3 points
    4. 2 points
    5. None of the above 5 points
  8. Do you use air miles?
    1. Yes 2 points
    2. No 4 points
  9. Before the pandemic, did you travel with hand sanitizer?
    1. Yes 3 points
    2. No 5 points
  10. Do you steal hotel shampoo bottles?
    1. Yes 3 points
    2. No 2 points

A score of 15-16 makes you a true vagabond.

The lowest possible score is 15. With a score close to this you will be totally comfortable couch surfing or renting rooms in someone's home on Tent camping, hostels, and the back seat of your buddy's car are not out of the question. You might be slightly uncomfortable in a Miami luxury hotel, but even that won't rock your boat terribly.

Score 17-26 and you have a wide range of accommodation styles.

If you haven't tried a vacation rental, you've at least thought about it. You may not be comfortable renting just a room in someone's house. Try checking the "Entire Place" box on Airbnb or try Camping is not out of the question for you, but you would probably prefer an RV to a tent. Small accommodation options like cabins, lodges, and inns work well. Bed and breakfasts may seem a little stuffy for you. You rely on chain hotels for convenience, even the cheap ones because you know what to expect. You enjoy cruises on occasion avoiding the pricier premier lines. Stretch your boundaries by trying an RV rental for your Miami trip. by Q.U.I on Unsplash

If your score is 27-35 you have good taste.

You may be a business or frequent traveler. You prefer upper-end chain hotels and are picky about the room. When you vacation, you choose all-inclusive resorts or maybe a bed and breakfast. You may own an RV, but it has never been in a "campground" because camping is not your thing. It may be your second home or you may use it to travel to high-end RV parks, of which there are plenty in South Florida. The word "cabin" makes you skeptical. Cruising is a possibility, but you gravitate to the premium lines. Break out of your routine with an upscale apartment rental.

Anything above 35 is luxury territory.

A hotel is more than a place to sleep for you; it's a part of the destination. You have only stayed in a LaQuinta once, in an emergency. Best Western is totally out of the question. You are more likely to own a yacht than to go on a cruise, but if you do it is on a luxury line. If you decide to try a private vacation rental, it should have the word "villa" attached to it in some way. There's no point in trying something new. You like what you like. Miami's' luxury hotel scene has you covered.

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