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Ike Rhein and Zoey Dollaz Unload New Single "RUSH"

Milwaukee, WI (NewsBreak) 09/08/2023 - Popstar Ike Rhein is on the rise and is taking 2023 by storm. Originally from Grand Rapids Michigan, the 21-year-old Pop artist is now based in Miami, Florida and putting his all into his music. Ike Rhein grew up with music in his life and discovered his passion for it early on. As a foster child, Ike Rhein quickly discovered that music was his outlet to cope, and he invested a lot of time into it. After learning how to play multiple instruments, he eventually began writing his own music at a young age. Over time, he developed his craft, found his sound, and turned this passion into a career. Ike Rhein has been featured in countless media outlets and has amassed almost half a million followers on social media. Throughout the years, he has also had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous talents including Luh Kel and Sean Kingston. Ike Rhein debuts this year with his new single, “RUSH," featuring Zoey Dollaz. This song is the first single to be released from his upcoming album, “Memoir,” which is expected to be released in early 2024 and serves as a teaser for what else is to be expected. “RUSH" is all about introducing a new love interest or someone special to the fast life. Ike Rhein knows that his world can move very quickly, and it’s something that not everyone is used to. The song is an ode to finding the right one for your lifestyle and all of the feelings that come along with that. “RUSH” is a mix of multiple genres including R&B, Rap, and Hip-Hop, giving it a unique sound that makes it easy to vibe with and gives off a good energy. The song is extremely catchy, and Ike Rhein’s smooth vocals mix great with the vibey beat. The blend of different genres can be heard throughout the song and separates his music from others. Talented rapper Zoey Dollaz brings a welcomed twist to the song with his verse featuring his distinctive voice. This duo is a powerhouse and both added their own flair to the song. Be ready to add “RUSH” to your playlist because it really will give you a rush and make you want to hit replay. With millions of streams and views, Ike Rhein’s music is a favorite of many and these numbers will only continue to grow. Fans can expect to get two other singles this year off of his upcoming album, so be on the lookout. Ike Rhein is not slowing down - this is just the beginning. Stream “RUSH” today!

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