Don't Worry About Gas prices just think about the things made from Oil that will affect us in the long run.

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There are many uses of oil and objects made from oil. Everyone is just worried about gas prices, but just look around your house. Everything made from plastic is made from oil, from your TV, coffee maker, to your computer, plastic bags, to linoleum flooring, and even varnish is used on wood floors and furniture.

Every car that is made, gas or electric has something made from oil. Every Tire you see on the road is made from oil, from the dashboard to every moving part has something to do with oil.

Solar power to windmills.

Solar panel components use a wide variety of plastics in their construction made from oil. All electric wiring has a coating of a rubber-like plastic made from oil. Most paints are used to paint cars and almost all of them have a petroleum base to them, made from oil. Batteries have entirely plastic parts ranging from electrolytes to casings made from oil.

Lots of windmills use a gearbox, rotor shaft bearings, yaw bearing, pitch drive gears, blade bearing, and generator bearing. All are greased, oiled, or lubricated from oil.
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Do you think stopping the flow of oil is going to make things better or worse? I wish oil had never been discovered in the first place but right now in today's world, the dependence on oil is going to be a long road to fix. This will affect our kids and their children for hundreds of years to come. There is no simple fix, but we all have to start somewhere.

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