Ohio Expecting Lots of Rain and Snow This December

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With the winter storm that has swept across parts of the country this week, many people are looking for information on what to expect in Ohio. It's no surprise that there is a lot of snow and rain expected throughout December. What does this mean for you?

Snow and rain can cause a lot of traffic problems. If you have to travel, take caution and give yourself plenty of time.

Snow can be fun for kids who like winter sports; however, there is a concern about school closings on days that get too bad. Make sure your children are ready with their snow boots and warm clothing in case they need to stay home unexpectedly.

Wet conditions not only cause slippery roads but also flooded basements. If it rains more than three inches overnight make sure drains outside your house are clear or water will pool around the foundation of your house causing damage over time. Winter weather has arrived early this year! As Ohio continues through December, many people should expect lots of rain and snow throughout the month bringing flooding concerns as well as cold temperatures that put homes at risk.

You can get through the rain and snow this winter without trouble if you prepare accordingly. Make sure you have winter boots and clothing, as well as de-icing supplies such as rock salt to keep your driveway safe. As the snow continues throughout December, make sure drains outside of your home are clear or water will pool around the foundation causing damage over time.

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