SK Donuts & Croissant - Pampering myself with unlimited donuts!

SK's makes the perfect donut! I am a self professed donut addict and have tried donuts high and low, popular shops and mom and pop alike and this place is just absolutely stellar. Ordered 7 donuts and my favorites were the skonut glazed and lemon blueberry cake donut. Just the texture of the skonut with a plain glaze hit the spot and the lemon blueberry took me over the top. The lemon glaze may be a bit sweet but I love the sweet tartness of it nad the little burst of blueberry on top. Skonut strawberry was fine except the glaze on the strawberry had that artificial taste to it and the cream is more like a cake cream frosting not a whipped cream frosting. But the skonut itself is A+. Worth a drive!

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