Papillon International Bakery – "Ponchik" calling for a midweek dessert!

Went on a bakery binge the other day. Out of all the sins, I must say mine is gluttony but whatever! The Nutella ponchik was so worth it. They deep fry this donut with Nutella in it, which is mostly everyone's childhood hazelnut chocolate spread right. And so when they bring it out to you, this donut is piping hot and the inside just oozes out melted Nutella and its just the best afternoon sugar rush treat ever. If you are crazy about chocolates, and anything related to it this is your go-to! Papillon" features many other treats besides the ponchik --- but I only ordered the ponchiks. Filled with your choice of filling, these little bundles of joy are served hot, & are made fresh-to-order! The location is a bit obscured in the fact that the papillon name is very hard to read on the front window. The sign actually is Armenian and not in English so look for this. Apart from this, the place is a go-to for dessert indulgence!

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