Combating PCOD!

Poly-cystic Ovary is currently the most common endocrine abnormality in the reproductive system. PCOD involves a cycle of hormonal imbalance. 1 in 5 women of reproductive age are diagnosed with this condition. Women with PCOD have irregular periods or prolonged menstrual periods. Excess male hormones leading to hair growth or hirsutism and male pattern baldness are also observed in women with PCOD. PCOD is basically a syndrome with 3 main features-

• Cysts in the ovaries

• High levels of male hormones

• Irregular periods



Insulin is a hormone the pancreas produce to help the body use sugar from foods for energy. Insulin resistance means that the cells in the body aren’t utilizing the insulin properly in the body. This leads to increase in demand for insulin in the body leading to pancreas making producing more insulin and eventually when there’s excess of insulin in your body, your ovaries tend to produce excess male hormones. Insulin resistance leads to obesity which further increases your risk for Type 2 diabetes


Rare probability, but if it runs in the family then you might be susceptible for it


Being overweight contributes to increased level of inflammation. Also women with PCOS are also said to contribute to this factor.


• Weight gain- Most of the women suffering from PCOD are obese or overweight

• Depression- Being overweight and obese can further make you lethargic and lead to depression

• Male-pattern baldness- Hair-loss is the major side effect of PCOD

• Acne- Breakouts are common when suffering from PCOD


Now genuinely speaking once a girl is diagnosed with PCOD, it’s something she lives with forever. You can definitely control it but it’s not something that vanishes like a skin rash on the body. You need not take hormonal pills to control your PCOD as well, basic and simple lifestyle modifications are more than satisfactory for it.

• FOOD: The first and the most important aspect of change is your food!!! Not the healthy rice-chicken you eat but The junk that goes in which lacks nutrition. You crave for sweets have a piece of dark chocolate, dates or even raisins. You crave for spicy have spicy popcorns or lotus seed. But reduce your oil, junk and processed food intake. This works wonders.

• WATER- Each time we feel thirsty we sip on all the sugary drinks that are an easy access. But have you ever felt the taste of water? Trust me on this, water Is the legit solution for all your body issues. Oily face, acne, weight loss and even medical conditions chug on water and you are good to go!

• EXERCISE- This is probably the hardest form of activity ever but honestly the benefits you achieve from working out is MIND BLOWING!!! When you have PCOD exercising for 30 minutes a day can help improve your insulin levels, increases endorphins – happy hormones, and also helps you sleep.

• PATIENCE- This is not something that can be brought from a market, patience is something that should be learnt eventually. You fracture your hand you cannot expect it to be right the next day right? It takes time! Just like that lifestyle modifications take time, when you start developing a habit to make it your lifestyle it takes time, weeks, months and even years, but do not give up.

• SLEEP-Lastly, SLEEP!! When you know throughout the day your body has done enough for you to keep you active now its your duty to make sure it gets enough and plenty of rest. Sleep for 7-8 hours on a normal day is important, your body needs ample amount of rest to start functioning better both mentally and physically.

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