A 17-year-old boy ‘got a kiss from his girlfriend before family dinner’, days later passed away!!


Teen dating has changed significantly over the years, particularly with the rise of social media and online dating services. The convenience of meeting people online and the capacity to communicate with strangers make dating a little riskier than it was in the past, but it's also safer because the same technology may also act as a safety net.

The idea of your kid dating may make you feel a bit uneasy if you're like most parents. It's critical to establish some rules and restrictions so that your kid may stay safe when dating. Julio, a 17-year-old boy, reportedly returned home where he had arranged to meet his unnamed 24-year-old girlfriend for a romantic meal.

Unfortunately, the teen had a seizure during their meal. A brain clot was found to be the cause of death, it was subsequently discovered. When asked about the circumstances leading up to the seizure, it was discovered that Julio's girlfriend had given him a kiss on the neck, also known as a "hickey" in romantic slang.

According to The Sun, it was established that prolonged, deep kissing on the jugular vein in the neck was what created the suction from the hickey. This caused the vein to get blocked, which then caused a blood clot. When the blood clot reached the brain, it triggered the seizure and subsequent stroke.

Although Julio's girlfriend had dialled the emergency paramedics, they were unable to save the young 17-year-old because he had already passed away before they arrived. The teen's parents accuse their late son's girlfriend of being responsible for the catastrophe, claiming that they had initially disapproved of their connection and had even urged their son to break up with her because she was seven years older than him.

At this time, it is unknown if they will file charges against her. Hoy Estado de Mexico claims that his parents never approved of the relationship. The female, who was seven years his senior, disappeared following the occurrence. Due to the age gap in the relationship, Julio's parents were already upset. Hickeys often only result in cosmetic blemishes and, occasionally, reputational damage, but there have been incidents of more severe physical harm.

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