Researchers Find New Wiper Malware In Ukraine


Researchers have found a new destructive wiper malware that is impacting computer systems in Ukraine. The malware wipes user data and partition information from all devices attached to an infected workstation.

What’s New?

The latest malware was discovered by Slovakia-based cybersecurity firm ESET, making it at least the third strain of wiper to strike Ukrainian networks since the Russian invasion began.

“ESET research warns about the discovery of a third damaging wiper deployed in Ukraine,” the company said late Monday in a tweet.

“ESET telemetry suggests it was only seen on a few dozen systems in a small number of organizations,” the company claimed.

What’s More?

Surprisingly, ‘CaddyWiper’ doesn’t wipe data from domain controllers.

“This is most likely a strategy for the attackers to keep their access inside the company while continuing disrupting operations,” the experts explained.

Two more strains of wiper malware targeting systems in Ukraine were discovered by ESET researchers previously.

The Ukrainian government’s cyber-security agency has stated that its cyber defenses are successfully rejecting most hacking attempts, while also stating that the cyber-war with Russia is unprecedented.

Digging In More Details

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Ukraine has established a “IT army of Ukraine,” which has been conducting cyber strikes on Russian targets.

The cyber conflict between Russia and Ukraine has escalated, with Russia employing a new damaging malware to permanently wipe data from Ukrainian networks.

As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, hacker groups around the world have increased their activity over the internet.

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