In the European Union, Facebook has Blocked the Pages of RT and Sputnik


Meta, Facebook’s parent company, announced Monday that Russian state media outlets RT and Sputnik had been prohibited across the European Union. According to Meta spokesperson Andy Stone, the change means that the RT and Sputnik profiles on Facebook and Instagram aren’t visible in the EU.

What’s New?

“We’ve received requests from a number of governments and the EU to take additional actions in relation to Russian state-controlled media,” Nick Clegg, the company’s newly-appointed president of global affairs, said on Twitter on Monday. “Given the unique circumstances of the current situation, we may be restricting access to RT and Sputnik across the EU at this time.”

We now have acquired requests from numerous Governments and the EU to take additional steps in relation to Russian state-managed media. Given the distinctive nature of the present scenario, we might be limiting entry to RT and Sputnik throughout the EU presently.

— Nick Clegg (@nickclegg) February 28, 2022

Twitter showcased that Nick Clegg, President, Global Affairs at Meta has claimed to have received demands from a number of governments, as well as the European Union, to take additional steps in relation to Russian state-controlled media. However,  in accordance with the situation, they may be restricting access to RT and Sputnik across the EU at this time.

Digging In More Details

The modification is the most recent developed by Meta in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Clegg said on Sunday that the company has limited access to “a number of accounts” in Ukraine, including “a handful of accounts belonging to several Russian official media organizations.” The action announced on Monday broadens the scope by restricting access to two major stores across the EU.

In addition, the company has barred Russian state media from advertising on the site and deactivated a Russian disinformation network spreading false information about the invasion. However, Russia has partially banned access to Facebook, and Clegg stated on Sunday that Russia is “throttling” its platform. Russia has also barred access to Twitter.


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