Apple Stores in the United States are No Longer Required to Wear Masks in Several States

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In a handful of locations across the United States, Apple stores are abandoning their in-store mask mandate policy as reported by Bloomberg. This means that consumers will no longer be required to wear their masks while visiting the store.

Apple Stores in the Majority of the United States will No Longer Require Customers to Wear Masks

Apple stores are doing rid of the policy in a number of their retail locations across the United States, so mask mandates won’t be there for much longer. These include stores in Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, and Kansas, as well as those in other states whose mandates have been repealed. You can read more details on

Even in the city of dreams, New York City, Apple stores have taken the proactive step of not requiring fully vaccinated customers to wear a mask. The same may be said for the company’s Connecticut locations.

However, in a few places with tougher regulations, mask laws will continue to be enforced. Hawaii and Washington, for example, are still insistent about adhering to the same regulations.

Regardless of these adjustments, all Apple employees are still required to wear a mask at all times. Customers will also be given with a mask if they desire to wear one.

Both a decline in recent COVID-19 instances and the occurrence of a shift in local mandates impacted the company’s announcement. “The business revealed the changes this week to staff at qualifying stores and has modified its website to reflect which locations are no longer required masks,” according to Bloomberg.

“Apple, on the other hand, will continue to advise users to wear masks and will give them on request.” According to the source, “Apple store personnel will continue to be forced to wear masks.”

Apple’s In-Store Classes Will Also Restart

Apple isn’t just seeking for a change in terms of mask mandates. According to Bloomberg, the company will also resume its in-store classes, which were earlier halted due to the epidemic.

Several establishments will start offering seminars again this week. However, the majority of them intend to begin in the summer, in March. “Today at Apple” workshops “provide tips on using the company’s products and software,” according to Bloomberg.

In the summer, Apple is likely to release new Mac models, the iPad Air, and the iPhone SE.

The company had been yearning to get back to normal for a long time but had been unable to do so due to the pandemic’s obstacles. This time, though, it is hoped that it will be able to provide all of the reforms that it desires and implement them as well.


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