A Tech Enthusiast Creates a Digital Clone of His Partner

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A developer in the field of technology has ingeniously amalgamated different AI components to create a digital clone of his girlfriend—and he generously shared the source code.

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By merging personality traits and interests with her voice, he embarked on this groundbreaking project. Now, others are leveraging his code to explore the same path.

We hope that the motivation behind tech developer Enias Cailliau's decision to digitally clone his girlfriend, Sascha Ludwig, stems from his deep admiration for her. Regardless of the reason, he is now disseminating his knowledge to fellow AI enthusiasts, empowering them to create their own digital replicas—be it girlfriends or any other forms.

In a venture he named GirlfriendGPT, which he meticulously documented on Twitter, Cailliau endeavored to develop an AI version of Ludwig that could closely resemble the real person. The journey began with the aid of GPT AI.

"I have been captivated by OpenAI's Large Language Model and its capabilities," he shared with Vice. "I contemplated the potential to create human-like agents that can behave and act as humans do, yet I found it challenging to assess their authenticity."

At that point, he became aware of the presence of AI girlfriends on the internet, which prompted him to construct a digital replica of his own girlfriend to assess how closely his creation mirrored reality. Moreover, he opted to make the source code accessible to others, inviting them to join him on this innovative path.

To initiate the cloning process, he fine-tuned the parameters to "incorporate Sascha's personality," with some assistance from Google Bard. Once her personality was incorporated—drawing from the existing content featuring his influencer girlfriend on platforms like YouTube and Instagram—he needed to imbue it with a voice.

"Clones require voices, so I provided her with one," he explained in his Twitter thread, utilizing Eleven Labs. By simply integrating more of her online content into the program and adding relevant code, the agent would respond in her distinctive voice.

He even ventured into the realm of visual representation, although that aspect is still a work in progress, as evidenced by an AI-generated "selfie" of the bot that Cailliau shared on Twitter.

According to Vice, the AI version of Ludwig is increasingly responding in a manner consistent with her real-life behavior, with both Cailliau and Ludwig regularly testing the AI's responses in specific situations.

This initial iteration of the digital Ludwig still has a long way to go before it can rival the authenticity of the genuine article. Nevertheless, Cailliau has sparked inspiration among others to embark on similar endeavors, whether in the realm of companionship or beyond.

"I envision a future where everyone possesses personal AI companions across their devices," he expressed to Vice. "Computing is on the verge of becoming highly anthropomorphic."

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