I told MY HUSKY she's getting SHAVED (SHE ARGUES)

Maya the Husky has started shedding season early this year! As a prank, I told her I was going to shave her! She of course barely let me get a word in at first and even tried eating the new microphone on the camera! Maya made sure she would NOT get shaved! DISCLAIMER - You SHOULD NEVER shave a husky! Unless it is for a medical reason/issue recommended by your veterinarian. Huskies have 2 coats, their topcoat and undercoat. To find more info on why you shouldn’t shave your husky: https://www.snowdog.guru/never-shave-...

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Maya The Husky is a talking husky with over 4 Million fans around the world. Maya is 2 years old from Canada and loves the snow! She is VERY sassy, dramatic and goofy. This sassy husky does her VERY best to try to "speak English!" Maya has broke the internet a couple times and is guaranteed to give you endless laughter.


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