Who arrived in America first: Native Americans, Inuits, or another group? The Untold Story of Native American History

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First of all, let's clarify who are the Native Americans and who are the Inuits. Indigenous populations in both North and South America are known as Native Americans, who are believed to have descended from northeast Asia, crossing a land bridge that connected Siberia and Alaska more than 15,000 years ago. The Inuit people are a culturally connected indigenous population who reside in the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada, and Alaska. They are also descended from northeast Asia but arrived much later than the Native Americans, around 1000 CE.

So, based on this definition, Native Americans arrived in America first, long before the Inuits. But wait, there's more. Some recent studies suggest that the early inhabitants of the Americas might not have directly contributed to the ancestral lineage of today's Native Americans. But other people from Southeast Asia and the southern Pacific area. These people occupied Australia 60,000 years ago and then expanded into the Americas about 13,500 years ago. They may have mixed with or replaced the earlier migrants from northeast Asia.

How do we know all this?

Well, one way is by looking at skulls. Yes, skulls. Scientists have found skulls in different parts of America that show additional features and shapes. Some skulls look more like those of modern Native Americans, while others look more like those of Southeast Asians or Australians. Scientists can trace their origins and migrations by comparing these skulls and their DNA.

So, to sum up: the answer to your question is not so simple. It depends on who you consider to be the first Americans and how you define America. If you mean the whole continent, then the first Americans may have been Southeast Asians or Australians. If you mean only North America, then the first Americans were probably northeast Asians who later became Native Americans. And if you mean only the Arctic regions, then the first Americans were also northeast Asians who later became Inuits.

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