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School conducts licking game for staff and students. Principal laughs seeing this. What's wrong with US schools?

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Fox News reported that the Desert Hills Middle School in Kennewick, Washington, held a competition between staff and students where they had to lick marshmallow cream off either side of a clear plexiglass pane at the same time. The principal, Casey Grant, can be seen laughing while recording a video in another video captured by a student.

Some students who had their names down for participation, probably those who were uncomfortable with the game, were pulling others from the bleachers to take their position. This shows that the students weren’t told what the game was, and the student participants had given their names without this knowledge.

At the beginning of the video, you can see an adult holding the student’s head to the glass while licking the other side. And at the end, you can also see a security guard licking the cream off in a “sensual way.” Also, students in the crowd can be heard screaming, “Ew,” “disgusting,” and more, in surprise as their friends licked the glass with the adult staff.

How did the parents react?

Some students showed the clips they recorded to their parents, and they were undoubtedly baffled and enraged at the school’s authority. “How did the adults in the room allow this to happen?” they asked, pointing out that there were at least five grown-ups present. The parents’ reaction forced the principal to take full responsibility for the incident and apologize publicly.

What’s the future of American schools?

Although the principal apologized because of the outcry, as parents, we’re concerned about the progress of American schools because of how often they’re making headlines today.

Recently, a teacher was made to apologize for saying, “Good afternoon, girls,” in a classroom of a girls-only school because a pupil complained that everyone in the class didn’t identify as female. The pupil challenged the teacher on her knowledge of pronouns, ultimately forcing the teacher to apologize.

Not to mention the recurring gun attacks, claiming innocent lives every year. According to a Sandy Hook Promise report, 12 children die from gun violence in the country every day, and 32 are shot and injured.

What needs to change? Certainly, something has to be done because this isn’t where the future of the country should be heading.

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