Watch: Man breaks down after discovering his daughter was his anonymous kidney donor.

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A heartwarming video of a father discovering that his anonymous kidney donor was his own daughter is gaining popularity on the internet. Figen, a Twitter user, shared the touching moment that has captured the emotions of viewers worldwide.

The video depicts a woman entering a hospital room where her father is receiving treatment. As soon as the father realizes that his daughter is the anonymous donor who saved his life, he is overcome with emotion and breaks down in tears. Despite his overwhelming feelings, the daughter consoles her father with loving words.

The caption accompanying the viral video expresses the daughter's gratitude and affection for her father, describing her as "one of the most wonderful daughters in the world" and highlighting the deep bond between them.

The video on Twitter has gone viral with over 2.8 Million views and 50.5K likes. One user shared their own experience of receiving two kidney transplants from living family donors, expressing how receiving a new kidney gave them a second chance at life and enabled them to have two children. Another user shared on the beauty of love and commitment, while a third user shared their emotional response, stating that as a father, they would feel similarly overwhelmed and protective of their family's well-being.

"You're wrong! He did more than thank you! He's a father and his heart actually hurts, he definitely thinks he hurt his daughter. I am sure of that!" wrote another Twitter user.
Meanwhile, another user felt her father was ungrateful. "I don’t like his reaction. No thank you, touching, smiling or any kind of affection. Am I wrong?"

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