A nervous boy faints after he finds himself in the company of hundreds of girls

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Anyone who has watched The Big Bang Theory knows how nervous Raj gets when he is with women. That guy couldn’t talk to a woman unless he were drunk! Here’s a boy who took things a step further and fainted when he realized he was surrounded by girls.

Manish Shankar Prasad, a 17-year-old boy, had prepared well to score high in his mathematics exam. This student of Allama Iqbal College in Bihar, India, was accidentally assigned to sit along with 500 women in the exam hall. As soon as Manish realized he was all alone with 500 women, he fainted!

Manish’s aunt told the media, “He was alone with around 500 girls at the exam center. That caused him to pass out and work up a fever.” The boy was shifted to a local facility, Sadar hospital, quickly and is recovering from the shock.

Manish’s father, Sachchidanand, shared that his son wasn’t in a position to speak when he regained consciousness due to the experience and hardly conveyed the reason why he fainted.

What puzzles everyone is how Manish ended up in a room full of girls to write the exam in the first place. Officials believe the boy accidentally registered as a female for the exam, leading to the wrong allotment. Media outlets reported that he hadn’t taken the exam even a week after the incident.

It’s unclear whether Manish suffers from gynophobia, a strong fear of women, or was simply overwhelmed by the excessive estrogen surrounding him.

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