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Accidental Ancestry test of Spokane woman leads to shocking family secret

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Tracy Melton had submitted her DNA sample to Ancestry.com with the expectation of gaining insight into her ethnic background. However, a year after her father Rich Melton took the same test and discovered a 45-year-old son he never knew existed, Tracy, experienced her own DNA surprise. She never anticipated discovering a biological father and seven half-siblings whom she had never met. To add to the shock, she learned that her biological father lived only 12 miles away from her home in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Retired Los Angeles firefighter Reynaldo Delgado, who had no knowledge of Melton's existence, was surprised when she reached out to him on the phone on Feb. 23 and said she believed he was her father. Melton, who is 35 years old, said that upon meeting Delgado, it felt natural and comfortable, and she never knew anything was missing. Delgado, who is 67 years old and has seven other children, was stunned to discover that Melton lived just 12 miles away from him and he had no idea she existed.

Melton received an Ancestry.com DNA kit as a Christmas present from her boyfriend. She was intrigued by the idea of taking a cheek-swab test to find out more about her ancestry, hoping to understand why she had dark skin and hair with brown eyes while her two sisters had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her mother never provided much information about her biological father, but her grandmother once gave her a photo of a man who she believed might be her dad. However, he died before she had the opportunity to meet him.

Melton discovered that she was 39% British, 17% Western European, and 27% Native American. The test also contained a link to 673 relatives, including Reynaldo Delgado, whom the email referred to as "your parent or child." At first, Melton was suspicious that she had been hacked and that someone was playing a prank on her, but once she realized it was real, she reached out to Delgado, and they agreed to meet.

Melton and Delgado discovered that they shared many interests, such as their love for vanilla bean ice cream and corned beef hash. They both possess similar dimples and strong chins, and the relationship they have developed still feels surreal to Melton. She cries with joy almost every morning in the shower, and she knows that not everyone is fortunate enough to experience this kind of outcome.

Melton's father, Rich Melton, has been incredibly supportive of his daughter's newfound relationship with Delgado, and he has also had the opportunity to meet him. Rich Melton is happy for and supportive of his daughter, and he knows that she is loved by Delgado.

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