New study shows the reason why Six out of 10 men in the US are single

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Gone are those days when being single were tied to loneliness and poor life. Still, the result of a new study regarding single men couldn’t be more concerning.

63% of men under 30 years are electively single, a number that was 51% in 2019. While 61% of single men said they were looking for a serious relationship and/or casual date in 2019, now only half of them say the same. And the reason experts say - s*x**l alone time.

According to psychologist Fred Rabinowitz, young men have become more active on social media and are watching more p*rn, thereby satisfying their needs from home. This means they simply don’t have a reason to go out to meet a partner anymore, and instead, they prefer alone time. Rabinowitz even thinks it will grow to become a habit, indicating that the numbers might increase in the future.

Meanwhile, NYU psych professor Niobe Way shared a more depressing truth about today’s men - they’re disconnected from themselves and others. In short, they’re experiencing a crisis of connection.

Researchers think the change in women’s tastes might also have contributed to the increase in single men. They think women prefer men of the same age group less now. Women expect more from men, and ‘unfortunately, so many men don’t have more to give,’ said Professor Ronald Levant of the University of Akron.

Another reason why more men are single is because of how lonely they have become. In the early 1990s, 55% of young men had at least six close friends, while the percentage decreased to 27 in 2021. Supporting this, a study showed that 15% of men don’t have any close friendships.

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