Man ate a rack of ribs while seated in the middle seat of a plane- Online outrage ensued

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Traveling on flights can be inconvenient. From in-flight nail clipping to strangers’ bare feet on armrests, are all reasons why one might feel disgusted on a flight. This week, an issue - which can be any person's nightmare - on a flight caught the internet's eyes.

A woman, Lanna Tolland, tweeted a photo of her middle-seat neighbor precariously balancing and devouring a takeout box of “Smoky Ultimate BBQ Ribs” from Frankie and Benny’s, a UK-based “family-friendly American Italian restaurant” chain.

It's well known that flight food should not be too fragrant, messy, or consumed too slowly. Ribs require gnawing, ripping, and savoring, along with plenty of paper products for clean-up.

Naturally, the woman was enraged and her irritation was validated by the internet.

Some Twitter users also criticized the quality of the ribs, with one saying they looked like they were cooked in the oven with the membrane still on them and another stating that there was a lack of seasoning.

In summary, there are unspoken rules to eating on a plane to preserve order and dignity, and ribs may not be the most appropriate food to bring on a flight due to the messiness and required clean-up. While some Twitter users praised the traveler’s order, others criticized the quality of the ribs, and Michael “Mike D” De Los Santos advised that proper clean-up essentials should be brought if one is planning to enjoy BBQ on a plane.

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