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When the cops arrested her husband, the woman realized that her polite husband of 15 years had a secret identity

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Bobby Rea Irwin and his wife had been happily married for 15 years and living in Raleigh, North Carolina. One day, their lives would change forever.

Federal authorities arrested Bobby Rea Irwin, 55, for violating his probation. The arrest was made by members of the U.S. Marshals Service Violent Fugitive Task Force. Irwin had been convicted of manslaughter in Phoenix in 1989. Surprisingly, Irwin's wife from Raleigh claims she had no knowledge that her husband was a fugitive for 17 years.

According to authorities, Bobby Rea Irwin had a warrant for his arrest, and he decided to leave town and assume a new identity as Robert LaRoche. He married his current wife fifteen years ago and has been living with her in Raleigh for the past ten years. Recently, he began working as a support technician in the computer industry. Irwin's wife, who wishes to remain anonymous for her safety, expressed that it has been difficult for her, and she has not been sleeping well. She was out shopping when Irwin was arrested by marshals. She described her husband as a polite, reserved, and highly respected person by all.

According to authorities, Bobby Rea Irwin was responsible for the death of a white supremacist who had previously robbed and assaulted him, and he fled out of fear of retaliation. Marshals were able to locate Irwin in 1999 during a traffic stop in New Mexico. Irwin's wife believes that he did not tell her about his past for her safety. Those who know Irwin, also known as Robert LaRoche, express their shock at his arrest and past. The Reverend Father Paul Kaplanis, the parish priest at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church where Irwin is a respected member and choir singer, says that the news is devastating and surprising. Irwin has waived his extradition from North Carolina to Arizona. His wife hopes that the court in Arizona will consider her husband's lifestyle since the crime was committed over 17 years ago. She wants the case to be dropped so they can move on with their lives. She expresses that this situation is devastating for them, and they have worked hard to accomplish what they have.

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