Baby was born with a single eye in the middle on forehead after his mother was exposed to radiation

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A baby boy was born with a single eye on his forehead and without a nose in Egypt.

A rare baby boy with a single eye on his forehead was born in a private hospital in El Senbellawein in Egypt because of a rare birth issue called cyclopia. Babies with this condition often have only one eye, a missing nose, and other physical issues due to poor development when in their mother’s womb. It’s said that this condition is triggered by exposure to radiation or consumption of unnecessary medication during pregnancy. Such children usually don’t survive for long after birth as their internal organs, like the heart, might not have developed completely.

The term ‘cyclopia’ was derived from the gigantic mythical creatures that are believed to have lived in Sicily. This condition affects only four of 1,000 births and is usually seen in animals.

Dr. Ahmed Badruddin, the doctor who delivered the baby, revealed that the baby is expected to live only for a few days. He suspects the mother was exposed to radiation or consumed a combination of medicines that weren’t good for the baby.

The grieving family released the baby’s picture and is undergoing counseling to help cope with the tragedy.

Since the picture of the baby might disturb some, we haven’t attached it here. If you want to see it, click here.

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