Woman was dumped by her husband for gaining weight after childbirth: "He said I was too fat"

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A woman was dumped by her husband for gaining weight after she gave birth to their child.

Liu Yajuan, a single mother, disclosed that her ex-husband left her because she gained 40kg. Her weight was only 50 kgs initially, but then it plummeted to 90 kgs after childbirth.

She recalled that she enjoyed being the center of attraction before the birth of their son, but after gaining weight, she had to hide from everyone. Her two-year-old son teases her, saying his mother is a fat woman, which makes her sad.

The most devastating of all reactions was that of her husband. At the time of their wedding, her husband would jokingly comment that he would spoil her and make her gain weight so that she cannot run away from him. But as she gained weight, his attitude towards her completely changed, which even led to their divorce.

Due to her weight gain, she also suffered from serious fatty liver disease, and her confidence got destroyed.

“He said I was too fat,” she said while speaking about her husband.

Finally, she decided to change herself. She participated in a reality TV weight loss competition, Living It Up, hosted by Shanghai Dragon television. It was a 100-day contest, and from the first day, she faced every challenge. She defeated all 13 of her competitors and won the first weigh-in on the show, losing 7.2 lbs in the first week.

Liu’s inspirational story won the hearts of many social media users. It was titled the pretty woman who got dumped for gaining 40 kg after getting married.

One user angrily pointed out that Liu gained weight while carrying her husband’s child and berated her husband, saying, ‘you call yourself a man’ after dumping her for that.

Another person questioned whether a woman’s happiness is based on her size. While a third one wished for Liu to find the right person.

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