Man wearing 'Jesus Saves' t-shirt asked to remove it or leave by security guards in Mall of America as it's 'offending'

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A man wearing a Jesus Saves t-shirt was ordered to remove it or leave the Mall of America last weekend, as shown in a now-viral video. The incident allegedly happened in Minnesota after the man wore a t-shirt saying ‘Jesus Saves’ on the front.

In the original video, the shopper’s t-shirt shows ‘Jesus is the only way’ with the famous 'coexist' symbol, which stands for different religions living side by side, struck out. The security guard repeatedly explained to the man that his t-shirt was offending people and asked him either to remove it or leave the mall.

The man counters that the mall’s security had charged him with 24-hour trespass for 'soliciting guests'. He explains that he didn’t speak this time and just went shopping at Macy’s.

But the security guards insisted that the man either leave or change his t-shirt claiming the man was engaging in religious soliciting, which is against the mall’s rules. Meanwhile, the man repeats he wasn’t preaching but wearing a t-shirt.

The video sparked outrage online, with many supporting the man. A group of people has even organized a protest at the mall, to be held on February 4th, while wearing ‘Jesus Saves’ t-shirts.

What can you wear in Mall of America?

Mall of America forbids inappropriate attire with obscene language, gestures, and more, which might offend others. Their website clearly shows something along the lines of:

Their 'inappropriate attire' may include, but is not limited to:

  • Apparel that has obscene language, obscene gestures, or racial/religious/ethnic slurs that are likely to create a disturbance
  • Clothing that deliberately obscures the face, such as hooded tops or masks
  • Bulletproof vests or simulated bulletproof vests

Final Thoughts

The security guard in the video can be heard saying he received complaints from other shoppers regarding the man’s t-shirt. The t-shirt had struck out ‘co-exist,’ a symbol of all religions living peacefully among each other.

But also, like the man said, he wasn’t speaking and just wearing a t-shirt.

What do you think? Will you be offended by this man’s t-shirt? Leave your thoughts below in the comment box.

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