Delivery Rider, who works 16 hours a day learned his wife was having an affair, and their child isn't his

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A man discovered that his wife, the mother of his three children, was having an affair and that his third child wasn’t his.

Lin is a delivery rider who works 16 hours daily and does everything he can for his family. Of the $7,000 he earns every month, he gives his wife $5,000, saving the rest for food, bills, and other utilities.

Despite his sacrifice, his wife had a fully-fledged affair with a stranger, and they had a son together, whom Lin believed was his. Once, the 27-year-old father was told that his son had a different blood type from his and his wife’s, but he didn’t consider it seriously.

However, later, his wife’s activities piqued his suspicions. His 29-year-old wife would leave home early and return only at night. That’s when his maid told him his wife had a visitor who spent the night at home while he was away. She even clicked the lover’s photo, which Lin showed his mother-in-law. His mother-in-law confirmed that she had seen the same man with her daughter but didn’t have the heart to tell him. In May last year, he saw her hugging another man, which further added to his suspicions.

Upon running a paternity test on his last baby following a relative’s advice, he discovered that the child wasn’t his. After that, he and his wife fought, and she accepted that their youngest son wasn’t his. She defended her lover, saying he had nothing to do with it.

Lin told the media that ‘the betrayal cut deep’ especially because he worked from 10 A.M. to 2 A.M. to provide for his family. He bought a property and also employed a maid for his wife. He bought a seven-seater vehicle for $80,000 so that she could easily drop off the kids at school.

He explains that since his wife is an accountant, he gave her all the money so that it’s managed well, and he hardly has any savings for himself.

After the truth was out, Lin’s wife demanded divorce along with the custody of their kids and their house. Lin said that his wife complained about him not spending enough time with her and always working, even though he tried to explain that he was working to provide for the family. She said she didn’t want to return to him because “they don't communicate anymore”.

“We have three children and a housing loan,” he added.

He wanted to give his wife and their children a good life. He added that his wife didn’t care for her younger son, who was biologically not his, and he had to step up. He put the boy to sleep, fed him milk, and soothed him when he cried.

Lin said he loved the boy the same even though he wasn’t his son biologically.

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