Royal Family considers Peace Talks with Harry and Meghan to bring them back before King's Coronation

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Reliable sources from the Royal family revealed that a reconciliatory meeting between King Charles, Prince Williams, and Prince Harry was on the cards in the upcoming months. The meeting is supposed to happen before the coronation of King Charles on Saturday, May 6th.

The publication of Harry’s memoir, Spare, brought out issues in the royal family to the public, and a few of them, like the clashes between Kate and Megan, made headlines - ruining the monarch's reputation.

Following the dramatic split of Megan from the Windsor family, Prince Harry repeatedly expressed the need for the royal family to apologize, but they “showed absolutely no willingness to reconcile.”

Reportedly, the source revealed that all issues are still fixable, provided both sides remain flexible. Both sides need to admit that they didn’t get everything right and tell Harry that they understand the pain he has gone through.

However, that won’t be easy. Prince William is reportedly ‘burning inside’ after his brother’s memoir was published and over his disloyalty. But the source revealed that William is loyal to the throne and will do what is best for the country.

In an interview, Harry had acknowledged that his family would find it hard to forgive him after Spare. But he said that he was willing to forgive them for everything even though they wouldn’t do the same with him. He explained that, with his memoir, he was trying to save them from themselves and not destroy the monarch. He was trying to “right the wrongs” that drove him away from his family.

The source refused to take sides and said that “not everyone here behaved well,” but Harry will also have to admit that he didn’t do everything right - which he isn’t good at.

And if the reconciliation meeting is to happen, there is a talk that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, would preside over it. When Welby was asked whether the reconciliation would happen, he had given a positive reply saying it was always possible provided it happened at the right time.

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