Tattoo Addict looks 'unrecognizable' after she Covers Up Tattoos and 'feels like a lady'

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Becky Holt, Britain’s most tattooed woman, got her tattoos covered, making her look unrecognizable, and said she 'feels like a lady'.

About 95 percent of Becky’s body is covered in tattoos, and it had cost her $37,969 to fund the transformation. The 34-year-old woman got this idea after she uploaded a video on YouTube with her tattoos hidden to see how she would look without them. The video was 21 minutes long, and the amazing response she got from her fans left her fascinated. She added that it would be a real test for her to see herself without tattoos.

Becky hired two makeup artists to cover her ink, and they used strong products that, even after swimming, won't go off. It will remain as it is.

After the makeup was done, she looked completely different. She believed that she looked like a lady. She felt that the tattoo gave her a feeling of confidence, but now she lacks empowerment. She further commented on herself that the tattoo made her stand out from the crowd, but now she will just blend in and appear normal. She always wanted attention, but now she thinks that without tattoos, she will not receive any attention.

Becky and two other heavily tattooed fans had made an appearance in the social experiment documentary. Talking about her tattoo design, she had made geometric designs across her chest and colorful inkings that take all the way down to her legs.

Besides inking, Becky has even undergone several other surgeries to build up her curves.

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