Filmmaker shares what happened when he met America's Most Inbred Family: "Like a Scene out of Deliverance"

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A documentary filmmaker, Mark Laita, has revealed that America’s most inbred family, the Whittakers, have no education, live in grunginess, and are ‘like a scene out of Deliverance’.

Speaking about his experience filming the family, Laita revealed that he was initially threatened by the Whittakers’ protective neighbors and had to be escorted by a police officer to the family. The family lives in squalor in a rural village named Odd, located in West Virginia.

Laita explained when he reached the place, he saw a few people walking around with eyes pointing in different directions, and they barked at him and those with him. He recollects his encounter with a man who, when looked into his eyes or spoken to, would run away screaming and kick down a garbage can.

“And this would happen over and over. It was out of control - the craziest thing I have ever seen," he added.

The Whittaker family is cut off from the rest of civilization and is the most inbred family in the country. It consists of three siblings - Betty, Lorraine, and Ray - and a cousin, Timmy, living together with several dogs. They spoke in grunts or squeals and showed signs of physical or mental disabilities.

But they knew well to protect themselves, and Laita warns anyone intending to approach the Whittakers to mock return as they will be chased away by protective neighbors or relatives.

When asked during the meeting in 2020, Betty said she didn’t know whether her parents were related and why her siblings had disabilities. In a later follow-up video, when Laita visited the Whittakers, Betty confirmed her parents were double first cousins.

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