Mother Learns her Son's Bride is her Long-lost Daughter on their Wedding Day after she Spots a Birthmark

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A woman discovered that her son’s bride was her long-lost daughter on their wedding day. The incident occurred in Suzhou, Jiangsu province in China, 20 years after the woman had lost her daughter. The mother shares that she moved heaven and earth to find her daughter, but her efforts were in vain.

The woman was able to recognize her daughter after she spotted a birthmark on the bride’s hand, which resembled her lost daughter’s. She approached the bride’s parents at once and asked them whether their daughter was adopted.

The bride’s parents were surprised because it was a family secret, and when the woman explained that her lost daughter had the same birthmark, they were all baffled. Apparently, the bride’s parents had found her on the roadside several years ago and brought her up as her own.

After learning of her story, the bride decided to meet her biological parents, and when the woman revealed she was indeed her birth mother, the girl burst into tears. The bride described the event as ‘happier than the wedding day itself.’

The bride was then hesitant to go forward with the wedding because she thought she was technically marrying her own brother.

The mother clarifies that after her search for her lost daughter was unsuccessful, she adopted a boy after losing all hopes of finding her child. She added that there was no way the bride and the groom were biological siblings. Therefore, the couple got married after traditional wedding rituals were carried out.

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