Man leaves wife after 19 years of marriage because she was a man: "Now I know why she wasn't good at ironing"

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A man has spoken about the incident when he discovered his wife of 19 years was a man.

And he exclaimed, "Now I know why she wasn't good at ironing."

Sharing their story, the 64-year-old man, who goes by Jan, said he had met his wife Monica when she accompanied his sister’s children as an au-pair. He recollected she was ‘beautiful and feminine’ but ‘poor at ironing’, which he never understood.

At the time, he and his second wife were drifting apart, so he quickly fell in love with Monica. “I thought she was an attractive woman, and she was all woman - she had no male traits.”

When they met, Monica was only 27 years old while Jan was forty-four. He was relieved when she didn’t want kids because he was already old and had two children of his own.

“She took pills regularly,” he said.

Jan mentions that Monica was a ‘fantastic cook’ and ‘good mother to his children’ but lacked cleaning and ironing skills.

But the marriage was suffering even before he learned the truth. Monica would go out at night by herself wearing short and revealing tops and owned over ‘100 pairs of shoes.’

“She began to wear very flashy clothes,” he explained, and “her abdomen was completely exposed.”

Jan also caught Monica ogling pictures of young men on the internet, and she received messages from several men. That’s when one of Monica’s cousins let slip that she was a boy at the time of birth.

When Jan spoke to his son regarding this, he admitted to having heard of it, and the father-son duo confronted Monica. She revealed hesitantly that she had undergone surgery to become a woman after being born a man.

Although Jan tried to evict her from his house, the judge refused. So the couple lived under the same roof but in different rooms.

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