Mom left her Husband of 14 Years for 'Soul Mate' only to be Rejected by Him

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A mom-of-two has been criticized online for her rash decision of leaving her husband and children for a man, whom she claims to be her ‘soul mate’ - only to be rejected by him.

Amanda Trenfield, who was called a ‘self-destructive sociopath’ by critics after reading her book When A Soulmate Says No, was on a trip with her husband trying to rekindle their relationship. Amanda and her ex-husband had a rocky marriage and thought going away for the three-day event conference in Margaret River together would bring the passion back.

The couple was at a dinner party with her husband when they met Jason (name changed), and Amanda and Jason hit it off. The mother-of-two said she felt attracted to Jason as soon as her eyes met his. She believed they had locked eyes before but didn’t share the incident in the book.

As the evening passed, Amanda felt more attracted to Jason. Things became serious to the extent that she realized with ‘very breath’ in her body that the energy they experienced was from their souls connecting.

While she was about to leave with her husband, she whispered into Jason’s ears that ‘this wasn’t over’ and ‘I need to see you again.’ The next day while her husband was at the conference, she called Jason and asked to meet to talk about their feelings. During the meeting, they shared a few kisses and parted ways, not knowing when they would meet again.

A month after the incident, Amanda left her husband and let Jason know. However, Jason said it was best they stay separated, leaving her distraught.

Several readers have commented violently about her memoir, asking her to be ashamed of her escapade. One of them even reminded her that one day her children would read it and know that their mother left them for another man because of a ‘magical night.’

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