Grieving Families can Speak to their Loved Ones Who're No More with AI Tech

Maya Devi

Eerie AI tech has come up with an idea where grieving families can talk to their loved ones who're no more in virtual video chats. With AI’s support, now the technology can imitate their voice and facial expressions.

Experts intend to use this technology to create virtual versions of lost relatives. But for it to work, the person in question has to assist in setting it up. They have to sit in front of the camera for seven hours so that the AI can understand how they move and sound.

This technology is best suited for those with a terminal illness. To permit the AI to discuss actual events, they are required to note down tons of memories and other information about their lives.

The idea seems to be disturbing to some people, but the developers believe that most of us will love it.

Joseph Murphy, South Korea, Deep Brain AI, claimed that they had discovered the idea. He continued with an example that if someone asks about heir dad, the virtual person will be able to narrate the story. The more the people will disclose, the more real it will look. Deep Brain AI revealed that a man used this technology for his daughter when he lost his mother at a very young age.

While many people are unconvinced, some people adore the chance to continue living forever in this manner.

The cost to set up this virtual replica will be between $12,000- $24,000. If someone wants to access the chat facility, they will have to pay $1,200. The technology has launched in Asia and the U.S., and it will arrive in the UK soon.

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