Dunkin' Worker claims they throw away $100 worth Donuts at the end of the day

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An obvious rule to follow when you’re working at a donut shop is not to eat donuts. But what if many donuts are about to be thrown away, and you can’t eat even one of them because you’ll get fired if you do so?

A TikTok video shows two Dunkin' Donuts employees throwing away $100 worth of donuts because they will be fired if they take it home. The video sent a wave through the internet, gathering over 13.6 million views.

“When we're required to throw out $100 worth of donuts but get fired if we eat them”

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Dane Korabik, who goes by @korrbs on TikTok, posted a video of him and his colleague throwing away $100 worth of donuts. The overlay message conveyed that they would get fired if they ate the food.

Several people commented on the video, some of them mind-blown over how callously food was being wasted.

“Ever since I found this out, I could never look at Dunkin’ Donuts the same,” wrote one user.

“My Dunkin’ let me take dozens home,” added another user in support of the company.

Meanwhile, another user pondered, “Why doesn’t Dunkin’ Donuts give those donuts to people in need?” That’s the question we have been asking.

Why Do Restaurants and Outlets Throw Away Food, and Not Give It to the Needy?

The answer lies in the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act (Emerson Act). This federal law aims to protect those donating food to the needy, in case those receiving it fall sick.


According to USDA, over 34 million people in the country are food insecure, and 9 million of them are children. When one part of the country is hungry, wasting food, whatever the reason, contributes to hunger.

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