Husband and wife, both aged 100, die holding hands just hours apart after being married for 80 years

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An Ohio couple who were married blissfully for 80 years passed away just hours apart while holding hands.
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An Ohio-based couple, June and Hubert Malicote, passed away just 20 hours apart while holding hands after 79 years of marriage.

Sam, the couple’s son, recollected that his mother, June, fell gravely ill a day after Thanksgiving and had to be put on end-of-life care. Hearing of his dear wife’s health condition, Hubert broke down at Hospice of Hamilton in Ohio where June was admitted. Due to his condition, he too was admitted there and the couple shared a room for five days.

But at 9 P.M. on November 30, Hubert passed away in his sleep while holding June’s hand. 20 hours after that, at 6 P.M. on December 1st, June too passed away.

Sam expressed great sorrow for their sudden death but said his parents couldn’t live without each other and, therefore, said he shouldn’t feel sad.

June and Hubert Malicote, both 100 years old, had met in 1941 at a church service in Kentucky. One glance at June and Hubert said ‘she’ll be a good one’ before dating her. However, they couldn’t spend much time together because Hubert was enlisted in the US Navy and had to go abroad. The two kept in touch while they were away and they tied the knot after a year when Hubert returned home on leave.

They lived together happily after the war ended and went on to have three children - Jo, Sam, and Theresa McBride - and seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

When asked about the secret to their successful marriage in a previous interview, Hubert revealed that it was their mission to never have a serious argument. He explained they never did anything to hurt each other when they have issues. Instead, they walked away or changed the subject, or found a solution.

June shared the same advice with the media and attested that they never had a single quarrel. Hubert then added ‘you never want to hurt the one you love’ and asked people to put their love above their own feelings.

The couple also explained that they find joy in the little they do together as they never went out much. They enjoyed watching old movies and made sure to sit together to have dinner.

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