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Man who lives in a Home Depot shed claims it's saved loads of money but people ask where his son sleeps

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A Georgia couple moved into a Home Depot due to debt and, later, got a huge profit after selling it.
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A Georgia couple, Nick Lucido and his wife, Meghan, moved from their lavish 2,000-square-foot home in Cumming to a Home Depot shed after they missed a mortgage payment.

They were forced to sell their beautiful home because they were amateur professionals and couldn’t manage a brand new house, and two new cars - and the debt that followed these luxuries.

During this issue, they came across a two-story shed in the Home Depot parking lot which could make a great house for them. So, they purchased 8.46 acres of land for $40,000 after selling their house in Cumming at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

However, the shed wasn’t in great shape and needed a lot of work. While they were working on turning the shed into a house, the family of three stayed in a camper van. After their work, the shed became a ‘tiny home’ with one bedroom, a full kitchen, a porch, a chicken coop, and a deck with a pool and trampoline.

When he showed his Instagram followers his new shed house, they were surprised and wondered where the couple’s son slept.

So he made a TikTok video showing the interior of his well-designed house and his son’s crib in the sole room. In the video, he stunned his followers by showing his bedroom, which also included two closets - one with a full washer or dryer area, and another with a walk-in closet for their wardrobes and a shower.

By moving into the shed, they could save up some money to repay the debt. They then flipped the shed along with the huge property for $312,000 in December - getting them a huge profit.

Nick explained to the media that being ‘debt-free’ was the ‘most freeing experience’ he ever had. Now, they live happily in their new ‘dream house’.

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