Video of Cute Two-Headed Puppy Goes Viral, Melts Netizens' Hearts

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A puppy is different in an adorable way - it has two heads.

A cute two-headed puppy was born along with five other healthy puppies to a Creole breed dog. The mother of these puppies belongs to the family Huangal Ortiz living in the Peruvian department.

Despite the puppy having two endearing heads, four eyes, two noses, and two mouths, which are sure to melt hearts, its Owner Percy Huangal Ortiz has vowed to not treat the puppy differently. He shared that he was surprised by the puppy's unusual appearance initially and decided to consult the veterinarian to look into the anomaly and learn about the puppy’s dietary requirements and care.

As soon as the news of the birth of the unique-looking puppy spread, neighbors gathered around to get a glimpse of the pooch. Similarly, netizens were taken aback by the puppy’s unusual appearance when its video went viral on social media.

One of the viewers commented they wanted it and stated the puppy is beautiful. However, many other viewers didn’t share the same enthusiasm. Instead, they were concerned for the adorable furry animal.

One of them shared that ‘these cases’ do not live and suggested the puppy too might not live for long.

Meanwhile, another predicted that people will start associating the puppy with the devil saying it's ‘something from the devil’. They continue asking people not to satanize the little animal and, instead, requested people to understand the reason and science behind the causes of this malformation. They also asked people to help it by loving and caring for it.

According to experts, the puppy is the result of polycephaly, a condition where conjoined twins are born.

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