Ex-CIA agent made chilling UFO Area 51 confession on his deathbed

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A former CIA agent claims to have seen a spaceship and an alien when he visited Area 51 in an interview as he was afraid he would pass away before sharing the information.

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An award winning film ‘The Anonymous Interview’ discusses an interview of a former CIA agent who didn’t want to be named and, therefore, went by ‘The Anonymous’. In the interview, The Anonymous revealed to UFO researcher Richard Dolan and documentary maker Jeremy Corbell that he had seen an extraterrestrial spacecraft and a live alien in the flesh.

The Anonymous shared that he was an ex-CIA agent and was given access to Area 51, an extremely secretive facility commonly associated with extraterrestrial visitors. In 2013, the existence of this outpost was controversial. However, in the interview, the ex-agent claimed that Area 51 is very much real!

Further, he revealed he worked as a CIA between 1957 and 1960 when he encountered physical evidence of the existence of UFOs.

He claimed that he was taken to Area 51 to look at items like flying saucers that crashed in Roswell, Mexico, in July 1947 and recovered by the US government. He claims to have seen live aliens in the S-4 facility in Area 51.

Elaborating on his experience, he shared that the Roswell craft had crashed so badly that all aliens in it had died except for a couple. During his visit, officials there were interviewing a gray alien. He explained that the alien’s head was bigger than an average human’s. The extraterrestrial being also had holes for ears and mouth and a small nose.

Besides this interview, he had also given one in 1998 with Journalist Linda Moulton Howe where he went by the name ‘Agent Kewper’. During the interview, he shared confidential secrets and was allegedly warned by the CIA not to reveal any more. Despite the warning, The Anonymous shared his experience again because he was on his deathbed.

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