Baby girl born with extremely rare 2-inch-long tail

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A baby girl born in Mexico had a 2-inch-long tail covered in hair, astonishing her parents as well as the doctors.

The hospital, located in Nuevo Leon, shared that their doctors performed a C-section to deliver the girl. As for her parents' history, they’re in their late 20s and in good health.

The 5.7-centimeter-long tail was soft, had fine hair and skin covering it, and was pointed at the end. Its diameter ranged from 3 to 5 mm, getting smaller as it got closer to the pointy tip.

Besides the tail, the baby girl was born healthy and there were no complications during pregnancy.

Doctors believed that this is the first-ever case recorded in Mexico.

They clarified that she had no heart or hearing problems, urinary tract malformations, cerebral anomalies, or spinal malformations.

When she was two months old, a quick procedure was done to remove the tail. The newborn girl had no complications and was released from the hospital the same day.

The doctors confirmed that the structure could be passively moved without hurting the child as the tail did not move on its own. But when the structure was pierced with a needle, the baby cried.

Analysis showed that it was a ‘true tail,’ similar to those found in animals, with muscle, blood vessels, and nerves but no bones. Usually, tails are absorbed back into the body to form the tailbone while the baby is still in the womb. However, in some rare cases, babies are born with tails.

Similarly, a Brazilian infant was born in 2021 with a tail that had a ball on the end. This situation was even more complex.

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