A time traveler claimed, humans have to leave Earth due to World War III

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A self-proclaimed ‘time traveler’ has posted images of World War III and claimed that due to the destruction, humans will have to leave Earth.

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A TikToker claimed to be a real-time traveler in a video and said that they were now allowed to post images from the future. The TikToker also disclosed that the war will eventually force humans to leave Earth and settle on a new planet called ‘Planet Delta.’ By posting alerts about impending events, a TikToker has amassed thousands of followers.

The Tiktoker shared some pictures of how the war started and ended. The first image shows a city enveloped in dense, threatening clouds of smoke which portrayed a huge explosion.

Then, in other pictures, there were what appeared to be controlled explosions in a lab, followed by pictures of similar explosions occurring everywhere. The final picture was clicked from space showing that Earth was destroyed.

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The images caused controversy among users because some felt they illustrated how a nuclear war would end the world.

A user wrote that the picture looks scary. While a second user believed that once World War III commenced, they will be destroyed because they don’t have a backup planet.

Many people, however, did not accept the images and claimed that an artificial intelligence image generator was used to create them.

This is not the first time a TikToker has made such an absurd claim. In earlier videos, he also asserted that the Titanic was deliberately sunk, that the pyramids were constructed by extraterrestrials, and that a UFO recently landed close to Area 51.

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