Chilling video of three village kids rescuing a baby goat from a huge python goes viral

Maya Devi

A video of three kids fearlessly rescuing a baby goat from becoming a snake’s meal has been making rounds on social media.

The viral video starts by showing a snake keeping an eye on a goat and, then, slowly approaching its prey. The snake attacks the baby goat and wraps around the goat’s body. The baby goat tried to escape but all went in vain. The prey finally gave up after several attempts and sat down in a corner, where the snake kept up the claustrophobic pressure.

Then, three kids can be seen passing by after a while and they notice the goat sitting there. The group was startled when one of them noticed the snake.

The kids carefully removed the snake's tail from the prey's body, and one of them grabbed the goat's face. The snake was carefully unhooked by the three of them without hurting the goat. Later, the snake was carried by the three kids as they fled after the goat was set free.

This video has become a huge sensation and has more than 64 million views.

Many users claimed that the video was scripted. One of the users commented that the cameraman knowingly did all these things and that he had bought the snake and placed it there.

Another user mentioned that they recorded the video but didn’t save the goat. While the third user joked that the dragon is a talented actor in the film and the goat showed a wonderful play of her voice.

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