93-million-year-old Crocodile Found With A Baby Dinosaur in its Stomach

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A 93-million-old crocodile has been discovered by scientists with a young dinosaur in its belly. The reptile, which has been dubbed ‘Confractosuchus Sauroktonos’ or ‘broken crocodile dinosaur killer’ was 35% preserved, including its frightful teeth and a near-complete skull.

As per the scientists, the creature was preserved so well as a result of the hardening of mud around it due to the presence of a particular bacteria.

A report about the crocodile revealed that it grew around 2.5m and had a prehistoric baby in its stomach.

Dr. Joseph Bevitt shared that he knew there was a baby dinosaur in the crocodile’s stomach after he spotted a buried bone in the initial scan conducted in 2015. It looked like a chicken bone with a hook on it.

He also disclosed that 3D digital scans of the crocodile helped with its physical preparation, which would have been impossible without knowing exactly where the bones were. So they conducted high-quality scanning after shrinking the rock samples so that the X-rays could pass through. However, the team's findings surprised them and provided them with information about the reptile's last meal.

Then, the team realized that a tiny dinosaur was inside the crocodile's stomach.

Dr. Bevitt further expressed that the findings were exceptional as they showed a complete picture of the crocodile and its final meal - a partially digested young dinosaur.

The team examined plant roots and geological features between the rock fragments to confirm the dinosaur was in the crocodile's stomach. The crocodile, according to scientists, perished during a flooding event where it was buried and passed away suddenly.

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