Father of Colorado shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich is relieved his son isn't gay

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The father of Anderson Lee Aldrich, the suspect of the mass shooting at a Colorado LGBTQ+ establishment, told in an interview with CBS 8- San Diego that his initial reaction after hearing about his son’s killings was whether he was gay.

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Aaron Brink, the 48-year-old father from San Diago, has been estranged from his son for years but was visibly relieved that Anderson wasn’t gay. The father told ‘we don’t do gay’ and voiced that he was scared his son was gay. The former MMA fighter also revealed he was a Mormon and a conservative Republican who didn’t support same-gender relationships.

According to Brink, Anderson’s attorney let him know that his 22-year-old son was accused of a mass shooting at in Colorado. But the man hadn’t heard from his son in six months. He then clarified he didn’t really understand what his son had done.

A CBS 8 reporter then explained to Brink that his son had planned and carried out a mass shooting in an LGBTQ+ bar killing five and injuring more, the father expressed relief in his son not being gay.

It was revealed recently that Anderson identified as non-binary and uses them/they pronouns. Meanwhile, Brink believes a relationship should be between a man and a woman and thinks people should ‘stand up’ against LGBTQ+ without violence.

He also said his son’s actions were unacceptable and apologized to the families of those who died. Despite that, he said he loves his son.

Brink and his ex-wife, Anderson’s mother, separated when the boy was 10. Back then, Anderson's name was Nicholas Brink.

Later, one day, his ex-wife called to inform him that Anderson took his own life. Whereas, in reality, Nicholas’s name was changed to Anderson, due to his father’s infamous career in the adult industry. Unaware of this, Brink mourned the loss of his son, whom he loved.

But, six months ago, Brink received a call from Anderson, letting him know that he was alive. However, the call ended in an argument.

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