Mother Elephant Spends 11 Hours Trying to Save Baby Stuck in Muddy Well Before Villagers Came to Rescue

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A desperate mother elephant spends 11 hours trying to pull out her baby from a well in a heartwarming video.
Mother elephant trying to pull out her baby;Photo byFacebook

The video of a mother elephant trying to pull out her baby from a well in India for 11 hours has gone viral after melting the hearts of several viewers. In the viral video, the determined mother first tried using her trunk and then her feet to get her calf out which got stuck in the well from 9 PM to 8 AM the next morning.

But her efforts were in vain as she frantically was pushing more mud into the well and smothering the calf. Fortunately, the villagers of the Chadra district stepped in and helped them after they heard the distressed cries of the elephants.
Baby elephant;Photo byFacebook

Jitendra Tiwari, the man who recorded the video, revealed that the villagers dropped a few banana trunks near the well to tempt the mother to move away. As soon as the mother left, the villagers removed heaps of sand that were collected around the well which was keeping the baby elephant from climbing out.

When the mother returned, she wrapped her trunk tightly around her calf’s slippery, mud-clad body and pulled her out. They left the village and wandered into the nearby forest after the rescue.
The mother elephant and her calf walking away after the rescue;Photo byFacebook

Elephants have feelings like humans and are extremely delicate beings. These gentle giants display emotions like empathy and grief and are known for their intelligence. Moreover, the mothers of this species are particularly known for their affectionate behavior and tendency to keep their babies beside them.

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