French Astronomer who Accurately Predicted 'Hitler's Rise to Power' and '9/11 Attack' foresaw a 'Great War' in 2023

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The popular French astronomer who is believed to have predicted several events has foreseen a ‘great war’ in 2023.

Michel de Nostradame, who is widely known as Nostradame, is believed to have predicted World War II, the 9/11 attack, the rise of Adolf Hitler, the assassination of John F Kennedy, the French revolution, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and the coronavirus pandemic in his book, Les Prophéties, which was published in 1555.

This great astrologer is also said to have predicted a ‘great war’ in 2023.

Nostradame wrote that the war will be seven months long and will result in the death of good people at the hands of evil. He also mentioned that Rouen and Evreux, both French cities, will not fall.

According to several media outlets, this could be a reference to the present conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

In addition to that, the book also mentions ‘light on Mars falling’ which could imply that humans might visit the red planet in 2023 or make progress in that regard. One of his other predictions, as per the media, is that a new Pope will ascend after Pope Francis in 2023. However, he suggested that Pope Francis will be the last true Pope as the next one will create a scandal.

Some of his other predictions include global warming, civil unrest, economic crisis, celestial fire, and a new world order.

However, 70 percent of his prophecies are believed to have come true so far. This could be why a book of the interpretations of his book and prophecies topped the Sunday Times bestsellers list last month.

However, some argue that Nostradame’s predictions are too vague and, therefore, seem like they’re true.

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