Massive Flock of Sheep has been Walking in a Circle for 10 Days Straight

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In a strange incident, dozens of sheep walked in a perfect circle for 10 days straight.

Video of a bizarre behavior of a flock of sheep, in which they walked in a clockwise direction in a nearly perfect circle for 10 days straight was posted on the internet. Meanwhile, some other sheep can be seen watching the flock circling from outside the rotation. The eerie incident had taken place in northern China’s Inner Mongolia region.

This video was posted by the Chinese media People’s Daily on Twitter on November 16th, Wednesday. Ms. Miao, the owner of the sheep, shared that the incident started off with a few sheep but many others joined them later. Upon inspection, the sheep were found to be perfectly healthy and, therefore, their strange behavior remains a mystery.

Ms. Miao further shared that there are 34 sheep pens on her farm but only the sheep in pen number 13 were acting this way since November 4th.

Meanwhile, the video went viral on Twitter garnering over 19.7K retweets and 19.8K likes when retweeted. Now viewers are calling the incident a ‘sign of the apocalypse’ and ‘end of the world’ as they are confused and startled by the unusual behavior. Another viewer shared that Christ is returning in a few days and the event is a sign.

But a few others speculate that the sheep could be suffering from Listeriosis, known as the ‘circling disease’. According to an expert, the animals infected with this disease are ‘anorectic, depressed, and disoriented’ and move into a corner, rest against objects or circle towards the affected side.

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