An 11-year-old girl cried blood for a week, stunning doctors

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An 11-year-old girl had shed tears of blood for weeks.

An 11-year-old Indian girl had shed tears of blood. Her concerned mother reportedly told hospital personnel that the phenomenon was ‘horrifying.’

The girl's mother decided to take her to a clinic to have the situation evaluated after she had been shedding uncontrollable, blood-tinged tears for a week. The medical report showed that she was releasing the tears two to three times daily, lasting for two to three minutes, but that it was unrelated to crying or stress. She also didn't have a medical or traumatic record.

The patient continued to cry the red fluid two to three times per day while being monitored for two days in the hospital.

Moreover, the ophthalmologists discovered through a series of tests that her test results were clear, her tear glands appeared to be in good condition, and her liver and renal function tests were found to be within normal limits.

The ophthalmologists reported that after conducting investigations and evaluating her for other potential causes of haemolacria, they were forced to conclude that she had idiopathic haemolacria. Her family has received counseling, and she has gone to follow-up appointments.

Her mother was worried for her daughter’s health and prayed that the same situation would never arise in the future.

A study has mentioned 15 cases of this condition and disclosed that the median age is 12 years. Haemolacria was first described by Rembert Dodoens, a Flemish physician in 1581 after witnessing it in a 16-year-old girl.

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