Man keeps his hand raised for 46 years and doesn't plan to lower it anytime soon

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An Indian man has kept his arm raised for 46 years to show his devotion to Lord Shiva, a Hindu god. He doesn’t plan to lower it anytime soon.

Amar Bharati had a wonderful life - a wife, three children, a job in Indian Bank, one of the prestigious banks in the country in the 1970s. But he wasn’t happy. So he packed his bag one fine day and decided to pursue his devotion to Shiva.

Even after three years Bharati felt too connected to the luxury of mortal life and decided to disconnect himself from the luxurious world by raising his arm. He also took this as an opportunity to show his devotion to Shiva.

Although he dealt with a lot of pain during the first two years, it started fading later. He thinks he can't bring the arm down even if he wanted to as it's atrophied and stuck in the current position.

Amar Bharati asked why people fight among themselves, and why there is so much enmity and hatred between people. He expressed his wish that the whole world lives peacefully.

‘I don’t ask for much. Why do we fight between us, why is there so much hate and enmity between us? I want the whole world to live in peace,’ he said in an interview. He believes that his eternal salute will bring world peace.

Bharati has inspired many other people to follow his path of keeping their hands raised. Some of them have managed to keep it up for 7, 13, or even 25 years.

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