Photo of a crab with human-like teeth leaves internet stunned

Maya Devi

The internet was baffled by the photo of a crab with human-like teeth that was captured from the Russian waters.

The photo was clicked by Roman Fedortsov, a Norwegian man who works in a fishing trawler in Western Russia. He captioned it, “Crabs... Still, there is something attractive and repulsive about them. Mother nature did her best.”

In the viral image of a crab, its upper mandibles had four straight, human-like teeth. In addition to that, a protruding nose and open mouth gave the unique-looking crab a strange resemblance to a human, leaving most of his followers and others who saw it cringing.

One of the users even asked to confirm whether it was indeed human teeth and hoped it wasn’t. But that didn’t stop other viewers from coming up with wild theories.

A user wondered whether crabs are reincarnations of humans, sending shivers down others’ spines. Another piped in that maybe crabs eat human remains, further creeping others out.

A few other users eased the tension by posting comical comments. A user wrote that the crab requires some dental work. Another user joked that the crab looked like a Pokémon in the final stage of being beaten.

This isn’t the only bizarre photo that Roman Fedortsov posted. His Instagram feed is filled with weird and unusual deep sea creatures.

One of his posts is of a giant wolf fish with human baby-sized teeth. Another post has a fish that looks like a cheeseburger with teeth. Other fascinating photos include fishes that look like a spider, earthworm, and other creatures.

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