Baby born with ‘three heads’ stuns doctors

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Doctors in India were shocked after assisting the delivery of a three-headed baby girl in a health center in Etah, Uttar Pradesh, a state in India.

The mother is from a village, Pilau, and was admitted to the hospital due to severe labor pains. Later, she had a normal delivery without any complications. The baby girl had two large protrusions from the back of her skull which were covered with hair, like a head.

One of the onlookers in the hospital said that the girl had three heads and looked like an alien. Since the hospital had fewer facilities, the baby girl was shifted to a better hospital.

Rajesh Thakur, Chief Medical Superintendent at the Etah District Hospital informed that the decision to operate on the other two heads would depend on the MRI results. He also said that this is a rare medical condition called encephalocele. In this condition, a sac-like protrusion of the brain and its membranes develop through an opening in the skull.

The doctor also shared that the baby’s body isn’t fully developed. Such babies have low survival rates but the baby girl was healthy at the time of birth.

Even though a baby having three heads is extremely rare, a similar case was reported years ago and even made the news. In 1834, a three-headed baby was stillborn in Italy. It is the first-ever three-headed baby born and holds the Guinness record for that.

However, instances of two-headed births are more common. In fact, several conjoined twins are separated after their birth successfully.

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